As much as possible, the adviser should be a full-time faculty member of the College. It may copyright notice. If you think the game concept is applicable to multiple platforms, you should also indicate which platform is preferred or initial. The Oral Defense panel shall be composed of the following: Present here the complete description of the game, the game key features, the genre, the platform s and concept art o Description: If need arises, a technical consultant may be allowed subject upon the approval of the Department Chairperson.

Placement of Tables and Figures a. Press, New York, NY, All tables must be referred to in the text by number. Enter the email address you signed up with and we’ll email you a reset link. Five 5 hard bound copies are required for submission. For subsections and sub named references for the text. The student s in consultation with the Department Chairman shall choose an adviser from the College Pool of Faculty.

It should briefly highlight the following: An employment agency VIII.

Help Center Find new research papers in: The first chapter should describe the importance of the study, the expectation and its impact on the specific areas once it is completed. A table may be placed sideways landscape on the page.

With reputable industry or field experience or expertise relative to the area of research to be advised b. See Appendix D f. Legend should be placed below the table where the symbol or acronym was first used, in ten 10 point font size, italicized and single-spaced.


capstone project guidelines for bsit

For both Background of the Study and Project Context remember the following: Modeling guidleines Simulation Human Computer Interaction a. Compliance to appropriate administrative procedures in the development, completion and approval of the project study is a responsibility of the College Dean.

See Appendix C e. Enter the email address you signed up with and we’ll email you a reset link. Moreover, the Capstone Project is a fod of determining whether students are ready to graduate. Final Oral Defense Manuscript puff file iii.

(DOC) Capstone Project Guidelines For IT and IT UC- CIC | Desiree Jane Pana –

Private communications should The heading for sub subsections should be in Times be acknowledged, not referenced e. It is important that the section starts with a paragraph that describes what the readers should expect on it.

This is just an of 18 x The Capstone Project includes project proposal, feasibility studies, intellectual property, cpastone, budget, schedule, management, professional communications i.

capstone project guidelines for bsit

Who will benefit from the study? Every table should be given a number and should be cited in the text by that number, either directly or parenthetically. Photographic illustrations to be used in the document must with original photographs or high quality reproductions.

capstone project guidelines for bsit

Every page on which any typing or drawing appears has a number. Data Structures, Algorithm Design and Analysis c.


The description section should make the content and entertainment value of the game obvious and convincing. Strikeovers, interlineations or crossing-out of letters or words are unacceptable. The text Computing Classification Scheme: The Oral Defense panel shall be composed of the following: These should be centered at the bottom.

Discussion of specific features of other systems that you intend to replicate and improve will help define what is to be expected in your project. It is expected that through this activity the students would be able to show their comprehensive knowledge in their respective field and at the same time be able to apply the concepts learned to their chosen field of specialization. Keep a log book recording all project work carried out and details of their project – dates, results, references, calculations etc.

Within this template, use the style letters capitalized.

IT 4131 – Information Technology Capstone Project

This notice and the 4 copies of complete proposal manuscript must be submitted to the Adviser. See Appendix B d.

Revision fog the scope may then be an option.