Then be resented by many. Had I stayed in Amway I would have lost a ton of money and a lot of time that I could never get back. How many of you go to Wikipedia to do research and use that as a source in your papers, or to prove a point? I was trying to be open minded about everything, but he was vague as hell as to what his business was and how it worked. They sense my obvious disgust with them all. I’m successful at what I do and will be able to retire before the age of 60 with a fairly nice income and nest egg.

My boyfriend and I are fascinated by it all. He tried to convince me to join and I told him I did not want to join a cult and a pyramid scheme. I do not know how this works in Android Old friend aside, your experiences seem to be creepingly similar, if not almost exactly identical, to the experiences I wrote above. Then he called me and asked how my Thanksgiving was? It’s a way to have costs to average person opening and following the plan gives ur a way to change those costs and make them a deduction. I plan on being very successful — following in my families footsteps but I will be doing it honorably and with hard work. Are you sure you’re a bank manager?

I noticed that hww of you hater’s are degree graduate’s who can’t even spell or put a proper sentence together and probably lost a hundred thousand or so on a degree.

2015 Amway Review | What To Consider Before You Join

Hopefully these creeps will leave people alone and not suck other people off their hard earned money. Thank you so much, JoeCool for caring enough about others like myself who experienced the very same experience which clearly “smells” of a scam!


So who are these high Pentagon officials in Amway and other former big shots?

The tools system is a negative sum game where more money is spent on tools than is actually earned by Amwayers. He also stressed the fact that they were ‘partners with Apple’.

The Truth About The Amway Global Opportunity: Is Amway and BWW A Scam?

You are anonymous loser incorporated or whatever else you call your scamway business. Anyone can drop by and say stuff. I sent a text to the guy telling him i did not want to go down this path and he got upset and said fine give me my cd and packet back. You are anonymous loser incorporated or whatever xmway you call your scamway business.

Thanks for finally confirmed my skepticism about going or not to this. I sure hope not. It was wrong for someone to prospect you as if this opportunity was buusiness job. When he arrives we walk into conference room where the meeting is being held. What businfss of business can you hope to build out of most people doing nothing and quitting?

bww amway business plan

These people have my number, I’m gonna msg them and tell that I can’t continue this. Wrong thing is to sale such concept by overdescription and like that any body can become millaniore by just doing this.

I’m just worried that he will call me constantly on my mobile phone or text me when I can meet with him. Thank you for sharing your story and I am grateful that this blog was able to provide you with useful information! A couple of years ago I was approached by an old classmate from high school about this “business opportunity” He was very, very vague about it and just kept saying “I’ll explain more when we meet.


It is your business amwsy ask. I havent joined this, nor did I lose any money.

bww amway business plan

I stayed polite and listened to what he had to say. E-Commerce is where our economy is headed.

bww amway business plan

Also, they didn’t look rich. You choose bw to name the IBOs. I tried to be polite and said “No thank. At this moment I am also traveling a lot with my wife expanding my business is several countries.

What you choose to take advantage of is your choice. A few years ago, I lived in my car So when I see an opportunity like this come along I’m smart enough and have businrss run on sentence life experience that I’m going to check it out without a biased opinion and give it a try.

The Truth About The Amway Global Opportunity: Is Amway and BWW A Scam?

At this moment We are expanding our business in the Philippines. Then we’ll amwqy something to talk about. Iam a scientist and Aerospace engineer myself and happy with what i had.

Ask your diamonds for proof that they make the kind of income to support buying jets and mansions. Money is actually coming from the middle men in the traditional market whole sellers, retailler etc. Britt once said he was approaching a billion.