Font Tribute Students can read about the typeface designed in memory of Mordecai Richler. More Author Info This research Web site provides a chapter on Langston Hughes, including extensive bibliographic information. Invite students to prepare one speech to deliver in a dramatic re-enactment of its first presentation. Discuss how technology can be used to create a more interesting presentation of a photo essay. This Web site provides information on Brookner. Mount Schaffer This Web site documents the peaks of the Rockies, including their histories and climbing routes.

Ask students to choose four poems from this site—they will need to search through various links or other sites listed below. Have them highlight one passage that they think works particularly well. Night Spirits magazine article by Candace Savage Candace Savage The site gives biographical information about the Alberta author, as well as a partial bibliography. Ask students to read one of Bacon’s essays and present a summary of his arguments. Some of the material, however, such as the debate on Darwin’s theories, may be too sophisticated for students at this level.

How Should One Read a Book? Do a search for Al Purdy. Classic Essays Atwood Essay “On Medea” is a good model of a literary essay written in the third person.

What’s a Photo Essay?

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Annoying pop-up ads, however, do interfere with a focused search for knowledge. Kahlo Tribute Ask hjghtower to investigate this Web tribute to Kahlo, with an easy-to-read biography, some of Kahlo’s paintings, and photos of the artist. Encourage students to read hjghtower by some of Moodie’s contemporaries. Discuss what the author has to say about the importance of place setting in his novels. Link to examples of her writing at the bottom of this page and read one excerpt to students.


Have them highlight one passage that they think works particularly boue. Interested students could find either book, and then read and review it. Students can visit this Web site to find out about Hoagland. Links can be found to other authors as well at the top of the page under Authors.

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The text also higghtower interesting details about Kahlo’s life. Discuss how technology can be used to create a more interesting presentation of a photo essay.

Challenge them to give a dramatic presentation of these poems, role-playing Hughes giving a public reading in the s or 40s. Challenge students to find and read one other work by Savage.

The Consumer Society and the Future of the Earth. Choose the table of contents for easy navigation.

blue gold jim hightower thesis

Ask them to share one item, idea, or quote with their classmates. Discuss what the review reveals about the radio personality and writer. How would they describe Richards? The Mysteries of Nature. Why must there be pain and suffering? They should have a clear perception of his presentation style from the essay.


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The page has links to the entire history, originally the lifetime work of a female pioneer of the area. Discuss what she has to say about her writing. Evolution This site features books, links to other Web sites, and other resources “for budding Darwins of all ages. They should explain their choice of poem and music.

Ask students to locate some appropriate music to accompany their reading of a Hughes’ poem.

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View this site as a class and discuss some of the points a gallery might consider when arranging an exhibit. Use this Web site to give a mini-lesson in using the Internet for research purposes.

Ask students to investigate and report on one other contemporary writer. Reviving Fridamania newspaper article by Chris Kraul Kahlo’s Works Students can view colour slides of Kahlo’s work on this commercial site. Challenge them to compare this review with those of Richards’ Mercy Among the Children or other works.

The review highlights Durning’s environmental concerns. Discuss the effectiveness of its suggestion.