It is unethical for those who are using these services and degrees. As this is really the worst kind of journalism you can do. Manager pkr, with mehran car, fuel, and other perks. The price Amazon shows isn’t always the lowest. We are defaming our own country, intentionally or unintentionally. And that’s why he gets shit done!

The Word Alive’s Luke Holland discusses the band’s writing process for the ‘Real’ album in our exclusive video update. The next year when people get to recognize its name, write bad reviews and blog about it, that university vanishes from existence! I am posting from my real Facebook Id as someone is trying to impersonate me. Bol workers and employes worked for dollers not for truth ……. Through the years our. Does Axact do money laundering?

Axact wasn’t just selling fake degrees!

Scared of giving comments on axact? Is Axact a fraud company? I love the Columbiana homepage acact featuring a mirrored illustration of the American continent. Looked after all the enterprise level operations of Axact.

Fake Diplomas, Real Cash: Pakistani Company Axact Reaps Millions | MetaFilter

In fact, very little in this virtual academic realm, appearing to span at least websites, is real — except for the tens of millions of dollars in estimated revenue it gleans each year from many thousands of people around the world, all paid to a secretive Pakistani software company. Tabishy how is this a legal business please explain? I tested anonymity first I have worked at Axact for a very writijg months before moving abroad.

This cheap journalism is making me sick now. While it might break every academic code of conduct and be highly unethical, it likely isn’t illegal to do this.


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The email address is already associated with a Freelancer account. My most recent was this one: I’m not a lawyer, so my question is asked from a position of some ignorance about how this would work, but it surprised me. Apparently there’s some educational value to this scheme after all. Just look at these so called icons of investigative journalism, men like Kamran Khan etc, who like rats have jumped from a sinking ship, which they joined with much fanfare and hefty pay packages.

Barry outsourced her studies to Axact and being relieved of studying tough modules, she worked extra hours to pay Axact for those phony jobs, insiders said. I told the guy he has to work hard on his accent and laughed and hung up on me. The list of courses these teams are working on for students along with the names of the universities and account details is available with Pakistan Today.

They do not seem to have a clue about the online world and services being offered there.

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What’s my immediate, emotional response to the. Cambridge English Skills Real Writing 2.

axact essay writing

If she’d lived in a state with robust anti-SLAPP protections she’s have been able to hit him back for lots of cash and any ethical lawyer wouldn’t have taken the faith healer’s case. Have you ever googled yourself? Please PM to discuss.

VP Administration 12 Asim Sardar: If it were possible to sue someone who tried qxact make you take down content when they didn’t have the right to, maybe we’d get fewer bullies with lawyers trying to intimidate people who post legal and legitimate criticisms of them. Therefore kindly share your requirements so that we proceed further. I personally know most of the people whose names have been mentioned here.


Finally, they are not even partners to any major tech.

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Highlighting many shady businesses of the Axact Company. He is an evil genius who doesn’t even know how to speak English properly.

The company who has the rights to print cheque book, that isn’t printing fake cheques. In short, when you’ve been fed bullshit, you get used to it.

axact essay writing

And you’re agreeing that assignments were actually sent to you, after studying at lums you end up doing assignments for some writihg students forgot all the lecture on plagiarism? Axact salary system is based on layers is quite transparent. You are too blind to see the reality. How on earth does a company that offers made-to-order plagiarism operate in the open, let alone axacf to law and win? Khan added that these girls are given targets to produce more and more courses by copying online material from other courses and then run their own multiple courses keeping different American names for themselves.