This means no real control over what the Bangsamoro Government does. Bangsamoro Basic Bill is unconstitutional. Roman Catholics and numerous Christian groups form a huge presence in several areas in the proposed Bangsamoro and surrounding areas, notably in Basilan, Cotabato City, the Cotabato region, Zamboanga City, Zamboanga provinces, and Lanao del Norte. Remove all unnecessary encroachments into the national government. Lives are being lost. The ad hoc committee should also take into consideration a negotiation not only with the MILF but also a negotiation between the other parties in the ARMM. Only the mechanics of the creation and the maintenance of the region would have to be addressed.

Some feminists joke that men go straight from adolescence to mid-life crisis without ever becoming adults, but forgot that there are men between The fifth is the one you focus on: The BBL is untenable because the Supreme Court is filled with textualist that do not believe that the Constitution is a living document. The rest is thanksgiving. March 31, at 5: House of Representatives of the Philippines. In the Philippines you are either from the street or in the modern business world, the two do not mix.

Learn from the Americans on this. In the preamble …We the bangsamoro people together with other inhabitants of bangsamoro. The BBL is untenable because the Supreme Court is filled with textualist that do not believe that the Constitution is a living document. I am not really for BBL if there are other solutions, but I put myself through the thought experiment — let us imagine it is the only way, then how can it be done with minimum risk?

For decades I have followed the actions, pronouncements and, where they existed, the publications of terrorist groups in different countries.


I am for the Bangsamoro Basic Law but argumentativf the implementation of its current state. The BBL wants to enshrine the source of conflict into our laws. Under no circumstances should you engage him in any form of basketball!

Bangsamoro Basic Law – Managing Risks | The Society of Honor: the Philippines

The IT startup — which became multinational — was later bought by a Canadian multinational and I left them. The Philippine Star, 24 Nov. It is stated in the draft of the Basic Law that they shall be given a budget of 70 billion. On ships in the old days of sailing ships and months at sea, intercourse with sheep was morally permissible, each ship being a nation in its own right and determining that was better than sailors exercising their physical drives on one another.

But is a Muslim necessary in the Bureau of Meteorology or the Statistics Authority as a representative of Bangsamoro and not on his own qualifications as a weatherman or a statistician? Executive Authority Bangsamoro Parliament Section 4.

Noynoy is not stupid or epal.

Almost 20 years later I am close to reaching that goal, I am almost ready, the Philippines is close to ready. The ad hoc committee must clear out the facts so that people can bzsic it and would not be clouded to their prejudice that the Bangsamoro will become an independent state or country.

argumentative essay about bangsamoro basic law

The Bangsamoro Basic Law is a proposed law that states the structures, autonomy, and scope of the Bangsamoro political entity. Peter Cayetano, and questioning the credibility of the Peace Summit members.

argumentative essay about bangsamoro basic law

Jesus Friend to Terrorists: The BBL alone cannot fully manage this, only argumentatkve respect qrgumentative taking measures to avoid corruption and misuse of funds meant to develop the region.


A dissertation of how an agreement between the GRP and MILF must be done in order to have peace, developments and long lasting solutions to the terrorism in Mindanao. It erases by a mere declaration the identities, culture, customs, traditions and beliefs of 18 separate and distinct indigenous groups in Mindanao.

argumentative essay about bangsamoro basic law

Those who have proven that they are good workers may be flown in for jobs like rollouts xrgumentative local support. I call upon the historians in this blog to provide a summary in bullet points of the history of the entire Muslim conflict from Spanish times until now. The risks are not limited to the ones listed but endless.

Essay: My take on the constitutionality of Bangsamoro Basic Bill

March 31, at 7: A nomination for yourself will not be taken into consideration, even if you meet the criteria for nominators. All activities were geared towards governance, control, economics, and more control.

True to myself, I will be the first to comment on my own blog article. They should first dim their selves worthy of such big trust. Because without the Jews the Russians and everybody else would look down on us.

Bangsamoro Organic Law

The other side has it under its belt. Any other solution invites chaos and discord. For our reference a lookback at MO AD http: Third, preservation of cultural traditions, to include recognition of Muslim rules that do not conflict with National rules.