It is one of the top 3 cities for black travelers. He goes on to say that gentrification does in fact have many ties to racism however it is more of a product than a conscious enforcement. The article then goes on to explain the distributions within different cities. This article follows several people, both gentrifiers and those being gentrified. It also discusses how Atlanta has a wide black-white unemployment gap. The map was made by Dustin Cable at the University of Virginia. You are commenting using your Google account.

The article will be helpful in my research because it will give a political view on gentrification and its effect on the African American neighborhood. A changing Mission — The Story. Within this article Lance Freeman describes the numerous controversies regarding gentrification, specifically in the bay area. WP Company, 3 June Web. He uses the information from the Census to make these maps. Group Is Fighting Back.

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This article ties into the built environment because it shows examples from all over the United States and not just one city. Email required Address never made public. Technology Boom Pushing Out Locals. Your email address will not be published.

Annotated Bibliography – Gentrification in the Mission – Lost Culture

The credibility of this source is questionable at times, due to the overwhelming personal tone the piece takes. I also used this to provide my readers with some information that they can actually take action to. A changing Mission — The Story. Notify me of followup comments via e-mail. bibliogarphy


A Dispatch From California. San Francisco Renters Confederation. WP Company, 3 June. The authors suggest that policymakers should focus on ways to decrease the negative consequence of gentrification.

Sarah Schindler is a Professor of Law at the University of Maine; she brings annoatted to how architecture and city planning have worked as forms of regulation to keep people in or out of certain areas.

The biggest is displacement, or the dislocation of the low income individuals. Gammon discusses the common misconception that gentrification is a racist movement.

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But the argument comes in because gentrification leads to higher property values with means nibliography tax revenues for the government. The article then goes on to explain the distributions within different cities.

annotated bibliography gentrification

Without the income, people are forced to live in more affordable areas that are filled with poverty inadequate school systems and limited transportation that do not allow people to better themselves. Hudson uses current and clear examples to illustrate to the reader how truly elitist the Bay Area has become. Notify me of followup comments via e-mail.

It is also the fastest growing millionaire population in the U. This article can be used as an excellent illustration of how the government fails to make a real difference. A place that once produced culture and civil rights movements now harbors the most aristocratic population of our time.


annotated bibliography gentrification

Wagner School of Public Service, 1 Oct. He states that although there is a lot of eviction and people being forced out of their communities due to high prices, that in the long run there will be new affordable homes for those that were displaced.

But in addition to property values, are the occupants of those residences. The maps allow you to see and make comparisons about racial distribution among the various cities. The new residents are usually younger white middle class individuals. Your email address will not be published. This source uses a map to visually display this problem and allow the reader to make their own observation regarding the displayed information.

Annotated Bibliography- Final Draft – The Built Environment: Atlanta

Andrew Stokols firmly holds the view that gentrification is destructive to society. This leaves more space and opportunity to rebuild and create new developments.

Adelman, professors at Georgia State University discuss the reasons for gentrification in Atlanta. This article breaks down the annoatted and effects of the raised housing costs in the San Francisco Bay Area.