Answered Feb 5, I’m sure there are some new diamonds but I don’t think there are many of them. I’m in a network marketing company and its great. Would Forbes publish a scheme? The presentation made no sense, gave no details and it felt like I was in church.

It is just like that. Can you blame my boyfriend and I? You make money by contacting people to buy the products or to register as business owners. Don’t make a decision that is so critical and could be life changing from some one you don’t know that could have their own agenda wither its a blogger or a stranger in Wal-Mart. So I go to this really nice hotel and wait for this guy to meet me in the lobby. The men are on H1 visa which forbids them to have a business on their own they have to work only for the employer who filed for their H1 visa.

I don’t want to argue. I would personally rather be brainwashed to believe in my own success while being cautious not to just blindly give my money away and ACT vs. Let alone the health and beauty products you claim to have. Today Wmway was also invited by Indian guy I saw in an event he also didn’t mention what I am invited to, this recruiter was so good despite I’m very very busy with two jobs on campus and senior year mechanical engineering he said he will only take amwzy hour a week!!!

But from the way I was tricked into believing that these were decent friendly folks, makes me feel disgusted about this whole scam.


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I’d like to thank you for your post and everyone else’s contributing experiences. I too was invited to a hotel and made to sit in the front row and take notes.

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It seemed very legit. One thing they can do really well is to display their lack of understanding on forums like this. There are no middle men in direct selling industries you senseless admin. Seems that the old Amway sayings are alive and well.

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So he told me that he goes to these meetings with other engineers and said that I should come with him to meet other engineers. So in the end, to everyone undia is dumb enough to listen to this idiot “Joecool,” answer me this. He kept messaging me I said I don’t idnia to work right now. The guy I met at a mall was looking like a professional guy They start conversation and analyse our level innocence. Finally they force us to be IBO.

Then my friend wanted me to meet with the guy that got him involved and I said okay. So poan friend is ready to join Bww and is very intrigued by the promises and benefits the company has to offer. My boyfriend and I are fascinated by it all.

amway india bww business plan

What you choose to take advantage of is your choice. Thanks for the informative article.

Then he called me and asked how my Thanksgiving was? The people were nice but I felt like they were zombies. Someone like Kiyosaki is a scammer. I was skeptical about the entire concept, so i attended a free event at a hotel, and was asked to sit in the front. So, thanks again for having the “hutzpa” to keep it real, give back and confirming my instinct that this qualifies as a “BS” SCAM!! I was keep on pressing them to tell the company name.


I’m a 19 year old college student All she did was waste my time and the day before the “meeting” she told me about her company’s name.

The Truth About The Amway Global Opportunity: Is Amway and BWW A Scam?

Answered Jan 21, I have been invited many times before in India and never cared that much but someone I met a polite Indian couple in a restaurant in Australia invited me and I went there eventually with my wife in business attire and sat in 2nd row only to hear from indai wife mid way through I TOLD YOU SO!!! Someone will make money from that kit but it inia be you.

Oh ya and before I forget have any of you hater’s ever been in Amway besides the one’s who quit! The guy that got my friend involved was saying things like “I was on a full ride to Madison and I was a year from graduating in engineering and I left my full ride and school and I have been doing this ever since. A Lady approached me as well and said the same thing!

Simply put you join MLM industry and then does nothing …quit….