Acknowledging student demonstrations of good character is important. This is applicable for grades 1 to 4 Outstanding Attendance: The adults can then assess the situation and work together to find ways to help the child express him or herself in more socially appropriate ways. Aisha Al Nakhy and Mrs. A physician should evaluate the child. We at Al Zuhour School follow the developmental approach through which the focus is placed on the physical, social, emotional, creative and cognitive aspects of the child.

Items which are forbidden and will be confiscated include all toy guns, knives, matches, and other potentially dangerous objects Telephone Use Children will be permitted to use the school telephone if their health or safety is involved. School work will be sent home only in case of extended home-stay sickness. Bruno Andrew Watkins 9 months ago Views: Click for Online Resources. Afaf Abdel Hameed as the Principals. Exercise was introduced as a component of the food pyramid, and 12 individualized intake profiles were added.

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To address inappropriate behavior, a progressive discipline system has been implemented. The school also organizes several events hosted throughout the year in which students and parents are actively encouraged to participate.

Discipline issues xl divided into classroom-managed and officemanaged infractions. We seize this opportunity to help the children learn healthy eating habits.

Al Zuhour Private School, Sharjah

The school assumes no responsibility for schook to provide requested prescription medication or for an adverse reaction which is caused by the administration of such medication.

If a signed permission slip is not received by the deadline stated on the form we will not be able to send your child zuuour the trip. If the emergency is of an urgent nature, the school physician and staff will proceed with any action that is appropriate to care for the child.


Bruno Andrew Watkins 9 months ago Views: Let your child choose a new vegetable to zuohur to soup. Arrangements to make up tests and other work must be made with the relevant class teacher. Please refrain from sending in chocolate sandwiches and chocolate milk, look for healthier options as mentioned above to make your child s learning experience a good one.

Every three tardiness are equal to one day of unexcused absence. I’d do more hugging and less tugging. Boys are expected to have ak short haircut.

Al Zuhour Private School

The school offers an American curriculum education and aims at creating a community of empowered students in an atmosphere of mutual respect and trust.

During these early years children are rapidly growing socially, emotionally, physically and intellectually. School work will be sent home only in case of extended home-stay sickness.

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For example, fresh juice, milk, fruit, sandwiches, and other healthy food are highly encouraged. The work that a child brings home has been created with love and great patience School Events and Extra Curricular Activities The school offers a variety of extra-curricular activities and remedial programs where different teachers and professionals work with the students. Invitation by Expo Young Entrepreneurs Initiative. To provide a quality international education while maintaining the cultural identity.

If your zuhoue needs to leave school early, please send in a note zihour the channel book or contact us privte All faculty members have the responsibility and the right to enforce school rules, and students are expected to respond respectfully. Once verified by the school doctor, the student will be admitted to class through the head of section. Permission by phone will not be accepted.


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School homewprk will not be provided prior to vacations but assigned upon return in a modified amount. I’d take more hikes and fly more kites. We invite your comments, concerns, and ideas to make our behavior plan work at school. Socks worn must be gray, navy blue or white only.

al zuhour private school homework

Vary the cereals, types of bread, and sandwich fillings you buy week zuuhour week. The following items are not permitted at school: I’d take my eyes off my watch, and watch with my eyes.

Show signs of upper respiratory infection cold symptoms serious enough to interfere with the child’s ability to learn. The section s office will call after three days of absence to verify the reason if the school has not been informed.

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al zuhour private school homework

Due dates and deadlines will not be extended for unexcused absences. As it grew in size and prominence, it moved to the new premises in Mowailih school zone area in and has grown ever since till it was sold to First Education Holding in