I realized that my words really do mean something. My question is, Would you kindly give me critical tips or a simple guide to Getting into to ateneo as a tranfer applicant? Have a great day! Or is it just The grades from your full academic year in 1st year college.. I am also a student who plans to transfer to Ateneo on the S. Sorry I must have misread.

If I remember correctly, you just need 1 complete year and full load of units per semester. I suggest that you take subjects full load of units which is probably 18 or more units that are easy to get high grades. I did not graduate high school with high honors long story. I was typing yearbook entries all day and my fingers were starting to feel numb. A dramatic ending that Ateneans love is ending with a question that leaves the readers thinking. For one thing, taking a test with a happy aura will make you feel more relaxed. Good luck, schoolmate that wants to pass the ACET!!!

I do remember there was a break time for the ACET…but the time we were given to answer each questionnaire. Also, if you have time to go to the CR, might as well bring this…just in case. May i ask a question? I love the color blue and Ateneo is blue.

Tips and Tricks: Assets for ACET!!!

My perspective, my attitude towards others, everything started to change after I attended the seminar. It helps to know that there is at least one person in the world who appreciates the sundries of your imagination My question is, Would you kindly give me critical tips or a simple guide to Getting into to ateneo as a tranfer applicant?


This could either be a good thing for you or a bad thing. Dream school ko po talaga kasi ang Ateneo.

Acet essay format – soal essay bahasa inggris sma kelas x semester 1

To be eligible, you need to be taking full load of units at the very least. Acet essay quesiton Your Everyday Destiny Because life’s too short to have scattered dreams.

Most likely you will have to take all the subjects again. Or the time pressure really made it even harder?

acet essay question 2014

qestion For example po you went to dlsu ng SYthen you transfered po in ateneo the next year. To find out more, including how acwt control cookies, see here: I am also a student who plans to transfer to Ateneo on the S. Finally in the Speed Test, just do the only thing you can do: What I do suggest for you to do is to visit your testing venue, sleep early every night, and eat healthy cause you would want everything to go right on that fateful day. I finished my uni level in DLSU since most of my peers were able to change my mind.


ACET tips – Jobe Fernandez

I realized that my words amounted to something much more. Hoping for your response po kuya! I think I better start preparing. The English Exam will really test if you have a wide vocabulary and a knack for reading.

acet essay question 2014

Done with the first acet essay format last paragraph of my acet essay. You are commenting using your Twitter account. International Guidelines For Problem Solving. I believe in God. I like everyone else here really really want this.

An old friend of mine once told me that lawyers are like college students who never graduated hahaha! Then again, they did take it about years ago.

acet essay question 2014

dssay Just Read the bold words to summarize the whole thing. I assume because they have to keep on studying new laws, cases and whatnot. I would just like to ask if for example, I want to start anew in Ateneo as a freshman through transferring.

ONLY when you know you have enough time to rest in between tests. This site uses cookies.