Nevertheless, CanNor continued to hear from stakeholders while efforts were advanced to raise awareness of the unique opportunities presented in the North. Return to endnote 12 referrer. CanNor maintains internal practices and models for business delivery to align with statutory and other legal requirements. Improved performance measurement is also required for the Agency’s other functions, including policy, advocacy, coordination and internal services. Each of the projects has the potential to support or lead to the development of commercially viable products that will provide a higher quality or lower cost solution to an existing problem in their targeted market segment. Recognizing this as a risk and having mitigation measures in place enables the Agency to effectively align its activities, priorities and resources to meet expectations and needs in the North.

A new client-centred website was launched in December , with robust information on CanNor programs and services. Public Accounts of Canada In , a much larger than normal number of contribution payments were accrued, accounting for the large increase in total liabilities. More details are provided below in the Performance Summary Tables. Part II Main Estimates lists the financial resources required by individual departments, agencies and Crown corporations for the upcoming fiscal year. It is a foundation for continuous improvement efforts within the Agency. Each of the projects has the potential to support or lead to the development of commercially viable products that will provide a higher quality or lower cost solution to an existing problem in their targeted market segment.

Return to endnote 3 referrer. Going forward, the Agency’s expected result is a reduction in community planning investments and an increase plxn business development investments.

aandc departmental business plan

These documents are used to coordinate federal departments during regulatory reviews and the project agreement review helped ensure that any legislative amendments were reflected in the roles, responsibilities and activities of regulatory bodies. The Aboriginal economic development programs were harmonized under the Northern Aboriginal Economic Opportunities Program to better support increased participation of Aboriginal Canadians in economic opportunities in the North.

Often, these investments are a catalyst to others to invest additional funds in support of CanNor funding — a reflection of the importance of partnerships and aligning efforts that is characteristic of working in the North. NPMO also partners with communities to foster their readiness to maximize the positive impacts of these projects, while working collaboratively to minimize and mitigate risks.


Supports the growth and expansion of northern businesses, including small and medium enterprises, through training, advisory services, and grants and contributions. The project provided fundamental capacity development in the heritage, tourism and arts and crafts sectors, serving as a building block for participants’ professional development. Finally, CanNor re-designed its external website, to comply with Government of Canada guidelines, to provide a better user experience, and to position the site as a hub for information about northern Canada.

CanNor carried out analytical work to identify infrastructure and labour market needs as they relate to proposed major resource development projects, and developed community infrastructure profiles to better identify strengths and opportunities.

aandc departmental business plan

CanNor maintains internal practices and models for business delivery to align with statutory and other legal requirements. Risks relate to ensuring that scarce resources are allocated to priority activities and need to be aligned with the complex and fast-changing northern economy.

A decrease in Aboriginal economic development community planning investments relative to business investments.

ARCHIVED – Canadian Northern Economic Development Agency – 2013-14 Departmental Performance Report

Through the NPMOCanNor developed internal analytical tools such as the Socio-Economic Indicators Database, used to inform investment and decision making under the Community Readiness Initiative, a new initiative that supports communities in a planning process to maximize the positive economic impacts of major projects, while minimizing any adverse consequences. NAEOP is opportunity-driven, focused on results and geared toward maximizing economic opportunities departtmental Aboriginal communities and businesses.

Federal Framework for Aboriginal Economic Development.

I invite you to read further about the Agency’s collaboration with northern partners as we work to help develop and diversify the economy and support northern prosperity.

What progress has been made towards this priority? The Estimates document family has three parts. As identified in the Management Action Plan Endnote 4 which was developed in response to an audit conducted by the Office of the Auditor General OAG inCanNor has addressed concerns raised regarding contribution programs delivery. The project built upon Cape Dorset’s international reputation in the arts and crafts sector busihess served as a milestone for moving the project forward from a conceptual standpoint to full construction.


Coordination and engagement of federal departments is a key component to ensuring a whole-of-government approach to resource development in the territories. CanNor’s funding aaandc the market study, business case, and initial work toward a northern deparmental project. Particular focus was placed on developing measurable performance indicators and expected outcomes.

aandc departmental business plan

Gaps in infrastructure aqndc the high cost of doing business in the North are also factors affecting the pace of responsible resource development in the region. Disruption to global economic growth can weaken demand for northern commodities, which can be critical to future large-scale economic development across the North.

The CWBI measures socioeconomic well-being in nearly every Canadian community in terms of per capita income, educational attainment, housing quantity and quality, and labour force participation and employment rates. CanNor’s financial statements can be found on the Agency’s website.

Return to endnote 14 referrer. This informs the federal perspective on northern economic development and influences CanNor’s and other government dpeartmental response to challenges and opportunities. Territorial economic development officials in all communities have continued access to counselling and support services from BBDCand entrepreneurs and businesses whose lending requests would not normally be considered by traditional lending institutions have increased access to funding.

The expected results of the project include improved operational procedures, frameworks for working together and capacity of the organizations; enhanced opportunity readiness; and effective governance at the community level.

ARCHIVED – Canadian Northern Economic Development Agency – Departmental Performance Report

These forums allow representatives from the federal, territorial and regulatory boards to convene and discuss issues related to the review process. President’s Message As President, I am pleased to report on CanNor’s accomplishments and on the programs and dspartmental that were delivered in in collaboration with northern partners.

While some areas of the North experienced positive changes in employment, others did not fare as well in terms of reporting annual employment growth rate.